Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Safari Ltd Insects Toob Review

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Safari Ltd Insects Toob

Product Features

  • Once chores are done, the kitten and rooster accessory friends are certainly going to want to go for a ?ride?!
  • Use the ?bucket? and ?watering can? to take care of your ?crops? and then spin the weather vane to see how the ?wind is blowing?
  • Farm living is tons of fun when you have a pal like your APPLEJACK pony figure to share the ?work?!
  • Colorful farm-themed playset lets you help your pony figure do her ?chores? and harvest her ?fruit? and ?vegetables?!
  • Playset comes with one pony figure and kitten, rooster, wagon, hay bale, watering can, bucket, hat, saddle, two carrots, apple, shovel and rope accessories.

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